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Louvered Roof Canopy with Retractable Roof


The new louvered roof terrace covering consists of a roof with rotating and retractable aluminium blades. Thus offering ventilation when opening the blades whilst also offering maximum solar gain in winter with the retractable, sliding roof blades.


The 145° rotatable aluminium roof blades are designed in such a way that the water is drained sideways towards the columns. The water drainage also operates when the blades are opened after a rain shower.  In the closed position, the roof is completely flat with no clearance between the blades.


Features of our Louvered Roof Canopies


With a louvered roof canopy in your garden, you have the advantages of a covered seating area whilst being in control of the amount of light or protection required.


  • Easy to operate via a remote control, with silent working of the blades you can realise the ideal incidence of light and ventilation in no time.  When closed, the blades form a waterproof roof in normal showers.
  • Personalised for your use – with so many different options, create your own dream louvered garden canopy to enjoy from early in the morning until late in the evening. Your additional outdoor living space can be provided with lighting too.
  • With or without side panels – infinite customisation and endless personalisation options are possible by adding side elements. Moveable wall elements provide additional protection and an aesthetically beautiful finish. When lowered, motorised wind tight screens create a protective cocoon. Thanks to the partially transparent screens and optional crystal windows, the view of the garden remains.
  • Integrated water drainage – the gutter system drains the rainwater away towards the columns. The patented blades are designed in such a way that the water is drained off to the side if the blades open up after a rain shower.
  • A timeless design with infinite options for personalisation, this terrace covering adapts to suit your home.
  • Have open sides or completely enclose with sliding panels, glass walls or screens.
  • Create yourself a garden gym or even a stunning home office, meeting room or fabulous garden room for dinner parties.


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